Shelagh McFarlane: Woman of Action

Shelagh is a woman of action – Vote for Shelagh

2009- The Province of Ontario – Ministry of Transportation told Shelagh that her sign permit for her new restaurant would be another 5 weeks – everyone at MTO was on holidays in July & August.

Shelagh had full-time staff & several public school kids waiting to start earning money for the summer. There were also 2 trailer parks full of campers (Silver Lake T&T & Fishermen’s Cove) & BlackHorse Golf Course patrons waiting for the little restaurant to open.

Refusing to wait any longer over administrative nonsense, she took matters in to her own hands – she put on her bikini, threw on some music & let passing traffic know she was OPEN.

She had the permit within 2 days.

“This wasn’t just for me – the whole community was waiting for fresh cut fries & soft ice cream!

“There was absolutely no reason to take 2 months for a signature – they sure took my application money right away.”

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