About the Candidate: Shelagh McFarlane

Shelagh McFarlane

As Mayor, I intend to restore our local government officials, Mayor & elected councillors, back to “Independent & Autonomous”, overseeing the CITY/MEMBER STATE & protecting the local jurisdiction, which is what we elect them to do.  

Elected officials do NOT partner with private corporations. Public/private partnership is FRAUD – a Mayor can’t serve 2 masters: 

  1. their public duty is to serve & protect their “wards”,
  2. their private employment contract* is to make profit OFF THEM for private, foreign investors.


The United Nations/ICLEI* (& ALL international ‘partnerships’) have no legitimacy here in Guelph – a Mayor has no authority to operate in ANY international forum. That’s what the federal government is for. We used to know this. 

  1. a) Guelph will restart a LOCAL AGENDA & cease following UN Agenda2030 foreign orders. We are NOT a signator to it, CANADA is. 
  2. b) We are NOT a party to this global agenda except through presumption, partnerships* & FRAUD. 
  3. c) Guelph WILL NO LONGER finance any UN sustainable development goals we are NOT LIABLE FOR.
  4. d) Local money will be used to help & support the people HERE, not globalists. 

Cam Guthrie has never challenged this FRAUD on our behalf. He chose to participate in it instead, to our detriment, via the ‘GLOBAL MAYOR’ programs – attached. Legally, this qualifies as ‘treason’ & ‘dereliction of duty’ – “implementing foreign orders upon their ‘wards’ without full disclosure or informed consent.” 

Guelph’s future does not belong to globalists. We reject global governance. 

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