CANDIDATE QUESTIONS – iPolitico – October 1, 2022

1) Why are you running for mayor?

Because Guelph needs a “Mayor” & we don’t have one. We have a “head of Council” under oath to THE CITY STATE & we have a GLOBAL MAYOR working for the World Economic Forum. Neither position works for us, in case you haven’t noticed. 

People are in crisis here & a Mayor is the fastest way to get them help.

2) From your understanding about the role of mayor in the City of Guelph, please write a brief job description.

In Canada, we have 3 levels of governance: the Prime Minister heads the federal level, the Premier heads the provincial level and the Mayor is head at the local level. They are all public trustee positions & their duty is to serve & protect their jurisdiction.

According to the Criminal Code of Canadaa Mayor is a “peace officer”, equal in status to “warden, sheriff, justice of the peace.” They are a federal agent when under a true oath. So a brief job description would be: “Warden of the Wards, local Sheriff (shire reeve)”.

The Municipal Act doesn’t have the word “Mayor” in it because a Mayor isn’t a municipal position until/unless they take a municipal oath. This reduces them to “CITY Employee ONLY” and they transfer the local jurisdiction (without your knowledge & consent).

A Mayor is the town rooster & has 2 jobs: protect the area from predatory weasels, and “service” the hens or “wards”. If weasels convince him to leave his post to be a GLOBAL PARROT, the house will be destroyed by weasels – which is happening now.

3) Tell us a bit about your background and experience, and how that will inform the way you work as the mayor?

a. Legal Experience: I worked at the Canadian Legal Information Centre, Community Legal Education-Ontario & The Plain Language Associates in Toronto. We translated long, legal documents into simple ‘plain language’ to help people understand what they were signing. Lawyers taught me legalese (weasel words), the power of a signature & status. Your Mayor needs to know this before they sign anything.

b. Political Experience: In 2014, I ran for Kincardine council to stop Ontario Power Generation (OPG) from burying nuclear waste beside our Great Lakes. It was being decided in “Mayor Secret Meetings”. By running for local office, I got the voter list and went door-to-door with their “secret”. i didn’t win the seat but OPG was stopped. 

4) What do you think was the most consequential decision made by city council during the 2018-2022 term? Please explain.

Going to the CITY for legal advise. The CITY Solicitor has stated IN WRITING he doesn’t work for the Mayor, the councillors or the people of Guelph. Using him is like asking your wife’s divorce lawyer who gets the house.

In March 2020, taking CITY legal advise, the Mayor signed the Emergency Declaration Form in two capacities – public & private – and transferred jurisdiction. This lockdown order caused all the destruction here – using only by-laws. So I’d say this legal advise to the Mayor was pretty “consequential”… & for everybody here.

5) Guelph has to make room for thousands of new people over the next three decades, but there's some concern about whether that's possible. How do you help Guelph achieve growth targets while assuring residents that we can grow responsibly?

Growth targets are UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #8 – “Promote growth”. This agenda is an international agreement to which CANADA is the signator, not Guelph. We are not a party to it, except through partnerships &/or fraud. 

No one is obligated to participate in fraud or finance any agreement they are not a party to. And a Mayor has no authority to make international agreements. We used to know this.

A healthy, happy town will attract settlers without the interference of “UNITED NATIONS GROWTH TARGETS”. These targets are meant to destroy towns. Growth should never be forced.

6) Issues concerning mental health, addictions and homelessness are apparent in Guelph, especially in our downtown core, and we seem to have reached the limit of traditional sources of assistance. What are your ideas to help combat this growing crisis and how will you work to enact them?

There is lots of money when we restore governing independence & autonomy. Property taxes etc. will be directly deposited & locally dispersed ONLY, using an independent financial institution, separate from MEMBER STATE commercial banks. 

Right now, we have no control of our wallet or credit card, they just send us the bill.

7) There's been discussion about a budget crunch coming, and if taxes are going up higher than what can be affordable for rate-payers. Will you be proposing cuts to the budget, and if so, what do you cut and why?

There’s been over two decades of “Mayor Secret Meetings” & private developer deals. The fiscally responsible thing to do is a full forensic audit of all accounts, agreements & partnerships. Any agreement entered into without right or full disclosure is fraud – null & void.

There is lots of money once we detach from commitments we are not obligated to finance & partnerships we don’t benefit from. We’re richer than we think.

8) The Government of Ontario has proposed so-called 'Strong Mayor' powers as a way to accelerate housing development. From your understanding, is this a promising strategy, and would you take advantage of such powers if extended to Guelph?


The proposed so-called powers are slotted to go to the CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER (CAO) & they don’t work for us. The CITY CAO (Scott Stewart) is UN-elected, UN-accountable & UN-available, so no, this isn’t a promising strategy.

My strategy is an ‘EXIT’ strategy to restore our governing & financial independence, which I have described above. Neither the CAO nor THE CITY/MEMBER STATE has any legitimacy here except by presumption, conversion &/or fraud.

9) The mayor is sometimes called upon to represent Guelph at the table with upper levels of government and other groups, how is Guelph a leader among cities in Canada, and what kind of assistance do we need from upper levels of government?

We will lead by example. Guelph won’t need any assistance once we restore governing independence & stop the theft. Other towns can do the same. We can set the template. This isn’t a money problem, it’s a “control of money” problem. 

And remember, Guelph has the “AAA” credit rating… not the CITY STATE. We are the value here.

10) Inflationary pressures, aging, and city growth are all putting pressure on the City's infrastructure. How do we balance cost and need while still making sure that Guelph residents have access to great amenities?

By restoring independent governance. A local government’s primary purpose is to facilitate access to services & to balance costs. Why else do we elect them?

They can’t do this now – they were privatized so public funds could be funneled to private projects. However, this conversion of elected officials without full disclosure is fraud. Fraud vitiates all.

11) As made apparent at a council meeting last year, the community is deeply concerned about the effects of climate change. How would you advise City staff on the best ways Guelph can be a climate leader in the next four years?

Really? Everyone I talk to is FAR more concerned about the mental health of our children, the fentanyl crisis, the welfare of our seniors & homeless, the destruction of small businesses, crime, the cost of rent, groceries, taxes & housing, bad roads, no jobs, the lack of accountability from their elected officials & the gross infiltration & theft by global developers…. A LOT more than “climate change”. 

Who on earth thinks it’s okay to ignore the crushed youth & homeless here so Guelph can ‘save the planet’?? Who here thinks a FLEET of new electric buses takes priority over children cutting & killing themselves at the age of 12?? I highly recommend they try living on the streets until their heart thaws. “The planet is just fine – it’s the people that are f**ked.”(George Carlin).

12) Given that the City of Guelph wants to move more people onto other modes of transportation, especially transit, should the mayor lead by example by actively using Guelph Transit whenever possible?

THE CITY OF GUELPH doesn’t decide modes of transportation. They are a municipal service corporation, not government. They own nothing, they control nothing, except through presumption, conversion &/or fraud. 

 As I said above, the CITY STATE is under a different transportation SDG agenda & this is NOT the local one, unless the people here agree. As it stands, their voice has been silenced due to a conversion of their status, which, without full disclosure, is fraud.

13) How can the mayor promote openness and transparency at city hall, especially considering the rise in mistrust of institutions in Canada?

a) CITY HALL will return to “Public” when the “Mayor” returns to “Public”. They both are public assets that the CITY STATE doesn’t own.

b) There is mistrust of our elected officials because they sold our assets & our future to private global investors, which is a criminal breach of trust… & fraud.

14) How can the mayor promote a diversity of thought and experiences in the council chambers outside of the make-up of the elected council?

In Canada, a Mayor’s duty is to defend freedom of speech according to the Bill of Rights. If they promote any view on “thought”, they restrict it. I will promote openness, equity & tolerance, & allow people to govern their thoughts accordingly. Like we used to do.

Freedom of thought & speech is a right. Restricting these, in any way, is against the law.

15) Finish this sentence: I would be very disappointed if we got the end of this election without debating (fill in the blank)?

Any lawyer in town willing to rebut this. You can’t even vote for a Mayor anymore – you are electing the CITY’s head of Council…. by proxy… FRAUD.

Luke 11:52 – “Woe unto you lawyers…for you have taken away the key of knowledge.”

BONUS: Where can people learn more about you, and your campaign? (Please include links to websites, and any social media channels.) 


Website: (2014 Kincardine municipal election)

FaceBook: SheLaw Hunter


Phone: 519-635-1488

7 comments on “CANDIDATE QUESTIONS – iPolitico – October 1, 2022

  1. October 22, 2022 EJD

    Wow. There’s a whole of conspiracy theories and delusional thought patterns going on here. All that was missing was the inclusion of aliens and Bigfoot into this web of conspiracies. At no point in your responses did you answer any of the questions. If you want people to vote for you, you need to have an actual platform with concrete logical ideas that appeal to voters instead of rambling global conspiracies that seem to be ripped right out of alt-right publications like Druthers.

    • October 23, 2022 Shelagh McFarlane

      Thank you for your comment. I find it just as strange that someone can deny what they are witnessing with their own eyes.
      Please research UNAgenda21/2030, ICLEI & the UN founding documents under Resources that outline how our “Mayor” & local government were usurped. These governments are lying to you – and so are their so-called experts 🙂
      Happy reading!

      • October 23, 2022 Brenda Cormier

        What you speak of is very foreign to many. There is indeed the UN Agenda 20/20 and now 20/30. Old news for me. Speaking on the U.N. Agenda is it going in a positive or negative it is understood and read from their own site? I would encourage anyone to look these topics up and see for themselves if it is moving in a healthy direction and form their own opinions and respect differing thoughts. Know what we believe and why! Those seeing this topic may be for the first time and may be quite foreign, or may have just glossed it over. The articles are very interesting and thought provoking worthy of respectful debate. The UN and the Agenda I believe is going to be discussed more as time goes by and be more familiar in conversations and hopefully kindly dialoged even if passionate. Thanks for listening.

    • February 15, 2023 Brad

      The devil has convinced you that he does not exist. Clearly.

  2. October 23, 2022 looking for better

    Is that all you got? Disappointing!

  3. October 23, 2022 Brenda Cormier

    I wish you the best tomorow Shelagh. Just finished reading your media questions etc. I am slow getting at the candidates and what they are about. Interesting read!

  4. October 26, 2022 Mark

    I really hope the last 3 years have opened enough eyes that wonderful souls like yourself will start to fill every position of leadership Shelagh, because right now more than ever it seems most need strong individuals who do their homework, lead by example, and walk the talk, not the typical politician that we’ve all experienced for generations to the point everyone has heard and knows the legitimacy to the phrase “crooked as a politician”.

    To anyone reading this who is unaware of the information shared by this mayoral candidate, I ask you to please do some research before you comment to the negative.

    Also ask yourself why someone who potentially puts themselves at risk to public scrutiny and ridicule would share such a different perspective and apply for this position if their intent wasn’t positive, constructive, compassionate, and in general driven by a desire to help make things better than they are for everyone?

    Also ask yourself, do you want more of what we all typically experience from our past and current leadership, or would you like to try something different?

    There is another phrase many know, and it’s something like,

    the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    Do we all really want to continue doing the same thing over and over, having to vote for the “lesser evil” every few years because those are our only options given, or do we want to listen to someone who’s drives aren’t about making a career for themselves, money, power, status, and a full pension after only a decade of being in politics?

    The individuals typically vying for these positions of leadership want these things, they are not leaders, they don’t care to actually fulfill the roles they accept, nor are they worthy or capable of filling these positions. They are also easily bought.
    Much of the work done in politics are typically done by assistants who are more qualified than the individual holding the leadership position.

    We all know these things, and many of us get quite emotional about it because we don’t like feeling we are being harmed and taken advantage of by those who claim to be “for the people”.

    So instead of continuing to accept this same “lesser of the evils” crap, we can put those in positions of leadership who put themselves on the line to speak truth when no one else does, are constantly educating themselves, show true compassion/empathy, and who’s personality and drives throughout life have shown to be about a pursuit of knowledge, “walking the talk”, and helping others.



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