CANDIDATE QUESTIONS – CTV – September 23, 2022

1. Who are you? (50 words max.)

I work downtown Guelph as a volunteer Addiction Services Support worker. I have extensive legal & political experience, although I have little respect for either realm now. I see a lot of harm happening in Guelph and I’m not staying silent anymore. Strong people protect themselves – stronger people protect others.

2. Why are you running? (125 words max.)

I’ve seen enough & “Mayor” is the best way to get the fastest help to the most people. A Mayor is “Head of Local Government” (GO) with highest jurisdiction, not a castrated “head of Council” that takes orders from global non-government organizations (NGOs). 

Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) admitted penetrating Canadian governments using public/private partnerships with “municipal” corporations for his “GREAT RESET”. This is the ONLY thing we should be talking about right NOW. ALL other issues are SECONDARY to this loss of local sovereignty & financial control. 

My Platform is: Restore the Mayor to “Head of Local Government” from incorporated “head of Council” in THE CITY/MEMBER STATE. A Mayor can’t serve 2 masters. 

3. What do you think is the most pressing issue facing the City of Guelph and how do you plan to address it? (200 words max.)

The REAL issue? Guelph is going broke paying for sustainable development goal (SDG) “projects” that we are NOT OBLIGATED TO FINANCE. CANADA is the signator of (& therefore liable for) SDG implementation, NOT Guelph. 

Agenda2030 is a federal/international agreement for UN MEMBER STATES. Guelph is not a MEMBER STATE, except through partnerships, associations &/or fraud. 

A Mayor’s jurisdiction is LOCAL & LIMITED. Their duty is to serve & protect the local people. They have no business doing business with international corporations – we used to know this. 

Therefore, I plan to:

1. Restore local authority structure – The Mayor sits at the APEX of political, judicial & fiduciary realms locally;

2. Regroup: in each ward with their own town hall & OPEN public access to elected ward counsellors; issues heard, prioritized & urgent care immediately tendered;

3. Restart local agenda: With local authority & fiduciary control restored, wards can start to have VISIONS of what they want to ‘Be & Do’ instead of fighting over scraps; each ward could be unique & vibrant! 

We are richer than we think!

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