CANDIDATE QUESTIONS – CBC – September 26, 2022

(a) Please tell us the #1,2,3 reason you are running in this election.


  1. Restore the Mayor to Head of Local Government. Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum-WEF) admitted penetrating local governments using GLOBAL MAYOR Programmes. This must end. A Mayor can’t work for both their “wards” & the WEF – they can’t serve two masters. One is founded in care & trust – the other, control & profit.
  2. Regroup: Wards determine “issues”; establish Ward Town Halls with OPEN access to elected counselors, immediate services; monthly hall meetings; rooms available for free day-care, coffee shops, food outlets, youth training, fitness; cognitive help, support & fellowship; independent co-op bank for small businesses & ward projects; free transit; independent newspapers to keep all informed & share stories about local talent, businesses & heroes.
  3. Restart local agenda: With local financial control restored, funds will be immediately available. Please remember, the CITY/MEMBER STATE signatories are responsible for financing sustainable development goal (SDG) commitments, NOT the local people, except through partnerships, associations &/or fraud. There is LOTS of money once we detach our elected officials from the global agenda. Guelph is a town, not a UN CITY STATE. 

(b) What do you want voters and the public to know about you?

I’m honest & I believe this is the only way to end the local coup d’etat. An elected Mayor has highest jurisdiction, IF they invoke it & don’t vacate the Office. A GLOBAL MAYOR can’t help you – they work for UN SDGs. 

Lockdowns proved that UN Agenda2030 “Global to Local” is capable of going from “Orders-in-Council” to “Needles in Arms” and they use the Mayor’s pen to do so. This is the ONLY thing we should be talking about right NOW. ALL other issues are SECONDARY to this loss of local sovereignty & fraud.

(c) Please share with us any websites/social media accounts

Website: (2014 Kincardine municipal election)

FaceBook: SheLaw Hunter


Phone: 519-635-1488

(d) What else would you like to share with CBC K-W about your candidacy?

I drive around in my ‘97 Toyota with “Shelagh McFarlane for Mayor” on the sides. A homeless woman downtown at The Bench screamed at me when I parked, “Hey Fu*king Mayor! Why don’t you fu*king care? WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING US??!!”.  She looked about 15 years old. I intend to show her that a Mayor CAN & WILL help… that’s their primary purpose. It’s CRIMINAL to ignore these cries for help, especially from our youth. Please join me.

Therefore, I plan to:

1. Restore local authority structure – The Mayor sits at the APEX of political, judicial & fiduciary realms locally;

2. Regroup: in each ward with their own town hall & OPEN public access to elected ward counsellors; issues heard, prioritized & urgent care immediately tendered;

3. Restart local agenda: With local authority & fiduciary control restored, wards can start to have VISIONS of what they want to ‘Be & Do’ instead of fighting over scraps; each ward could be unique & vibrant! 

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