Name and Occupation:

Shelagh McFarlane. On Facebook I am SheLaw Hunter, my common-law name. Occupation: Addiction Services Support worker– volunteer

Which ward do you currently live in?


Previous political experience:

I worked at the Canadian Legal Information Centre, CLEO & The Plain Language Associates. Lawyers taught me legalese & the value of a signature. I also ran for Kincardine 2014 council & my campaign helped stop OPG from burying nuclear waste beside our Great Lakes. I lost the seat, but won the battle.

Why have you decided to run (50 words max):

Klaus Schwab (WEF) admitted penetration of Canadian government using public/private partnerships with “municipal” corporations (NGOs). PPPs castrate a mayor so UN-elected NGOs can take over locally. Lockdowns were “Global to Local” using the mayor’s pen, i.e. jurisdiction was basically usurped by Global Mayor agreements. This needs to be remedied.

How will you embrace and champion diversity in this role? (50 words max):

To clarify, a mayor sits impartial at the apex of political, judicial & fiduciary realms. Like a rooster, he sits on a post to guard against intruders and “service” the hens. If they get distracted “embracing” things outside of these 2 official duties, the house will be destroyed by ‘weasels’.

What are your top three issues? (50 words max):

If people want money to stay local, I would:
1. Restore: local authority – unincorporate GO/people from NGOs; terminate international partnerships;
2. Regroup: Immediate ward gatherings with elected counsellors; status report from each ward – prioritize re. urgency;
3. Restart: Local Agenda: establish local ‘bank’/courts to process claims & get local funds out immediately.

If elected, what do you plan to accomplish in your first 100 days? (50 words max):

All of the above… my job would be to restore the status of the Mayor & the Office to their original intent – overseeing the municipal corporation, not absorbed by it. The local people will regroup and will NO LONGER be “incorporated” or treated like assets of an UN-elected NGO.

How can voters get in touch with you?:

I am available for any informal “meet & greet” in your ward to answer any questions. It is a great time to start talking about where we go from here. I can provide some food! Thank you for caring about Guelph.


Email: Phone: 519-635-1488page1image5815840

Shelagh McFarlane


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